Measuring Outcomes

The ability of your Nonprofit to define, measure and understand its outcomes puts you in a stronger position with funding sources.

Metrics Matter

Realizing Impacts

What substantial effects in the community will happen because your Nonprofit does what it does?

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Build Donor Base

Be organized. Set up alerts so details don't slip through the cracks. Integrate your online system with your email system. Customize your reports.

Development Tools

Manage Volunteers

An easy-to-use system to communicate with volunteers, and capture contributions of time.

Volunteer Hub

Easy to Use System

InTime IMPACT! system and software for Nonprofits

InTime IMPACT! is a system and software for NON-PROFITS to effectively measure OUTCOMES and IMPACTS. It is expandable to add functions for DONOR DEVELOPMENT and VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT. We customize it especially for your Nonprofit. Affordable. Easy to use.

Software for Nonprofits